Fences & Gates

new fence

Fences are important - they keep your pets & kids safe, add value to your house, and have a big impact on your home's curb appeal. There are so many options for fencing - from style (privacy, split rail, picket, etc.) to material (wood, PVC, chainlink, etc.) our team will walk you through the design process and build you exactly what you want!


If you don't need a whole new fence, but maybe have some broken pickets or rotting posts, we can fix what's gone wrong! Did you know that a good stain is great protection for your fence from weathering and aging? With staining & sealing, you can extend the life of your fence by years - even if it's already a few years old, and the stain is fading, we can bring it back to beautiful!


Whether you need a new gate for your fence, or a gate for your driveway/property entrance, we've got you covered! Gates can be tricky if you don't know what you're doing - they need to function smoothly, be built sturdy so they don't sag, and ultimately, be secure to keep your property safe. Our guys know all the little tricks to building strong, long lasting, beautiful gates to complete your fence and protect what's beyond it!

Composite Fence

Cedar Shadowbox Fence

PVC Split Rail

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